Should You Use Henna Hair Dye?

Henna hair dye is safe and natural and is made from plants and other materials found straight from the earth. Henna can be found in some specialty stores as well as health food stores.

Different leaves produce a different shade so depending on what hair color you are looking for depends on the product that is in it. These different leaves are combined together to form a medley of colors in various colors.

Henna is normally found in a powder form and you will then add hot water to it so it becomes a thick paste. Henna is a semi-permanent dye that coats the hair and helps keep all the oils in and makes the cuticles tighter. With all hair dyes they can stain your clothes and skin so use with precaution or wear gloves and old clothes.

Henna unlike commercial hair dyes is 100 percent safe and healthier for your hair because it has no chemicals, ammonia or peroxide. More people are turning to Henna hair color because it is safe for the environment since it is made from materials straight from the earth and it lasts longer once applied.

With all hair coloring products you before applying to your full head or sections you will need to test a strand first a lot of people even cut a piece of hair to test before applying all over. Everyone’s hair is different and the amount of time the hair color is left on your hair produces the richness of the color. Every hair color is different so the color you are looking for may vary.

Unlike with other commercial dyes, Henna hair color can usually be removed within 24 hours of the process with several different forms such as molasses and baking soda. There are also other ways out there and they all vary depending on the color of your hair, the hair color you applied and how porous your hair is.

With all hair colors read the instructions and follow them this will give you a nice rich color that you are trying to go for and if you have any questions refer them to the hot-line provided or your nearest beauty store or salon.

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