Safe Hair Color – The Problem Will Be Solved In The End

In fact, some reactions do not come about until the twentieth or thirtieth time of using the hair coloring product. On average, individuals that dye their hair are in contact with this hair color ammonia every four to seven weeks. Have you ever thought about the hair stylists? It seems as if they have daily contact with the stuff. This can lead to loss of appetite, headache and fatigue. Why? Well, this is because of those ammoniated smells, of course. If you are looking for safe hair color, then let us continue forward by telling you more about this subject.

Before we tell you about the safe hair dye, we would like to go over some things with you. Research has shown that ammonia is listed as being a hazardous substance and is related to bad health effects.

Nearly all of the “box” and professional hair colors have ammonia in them. If the color you choose claims that it does not have ammonia in it, then it will more than likely have the silent scented, ethanolamine in it. Ethanolamine is even more toxic than ammonia.

Professionals and consumers are under the impression that hair dye just has to have ammonia in it in order for the color to work. However, it is something that is not needed. Because of the properties it has, it leaves the hair in a weak condition. For beautiful hair and rich color that lasts longer, you should avoid ammonia and Ethanolamine.

Have you ever wondered why that fumed hair dye stings your scalp, makes some people sneeze and makes the eyes water? Simply because they have chemicals in them. Do you really want to put those harsh chemicals in your hair? Can you imagine what they are doing to it?

Many of those professional and over the counter hair dyes claim that they have botanical extracts in them. Just because they have a couple of botanical ingredients in them does not make them a non toxic, safe product. You should read those labels and look for the ones that contain nothing but natural ingredients.

So, we just solved the problem. You will not only have beautiful hair color, but your health will be much better. Safe products will have no ammonia or substitutes, which means there will be no damage to the hair. It can lighten your hair up to six levels without bleaching and damaging it. You will no longer have to deal with the scalp that stings, itches and stains. The safe hair dye will be non toxic. In fact, it may smell like grapes.

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