Haircut Styles for Long Hair: The Braid of Lobster Tail

Long hair is a gift and it is true! Having long hair makes you be able to create a complex hairstyle that will result in some unique design of hairstyle that will shine your beauty. The haircut styles for long hair are varied and it has many gorgeous shapes that you may do it in your hair. The long hair hairstyle which is mostly favored by many women is the braid of the lobster tail.

The haircut styles for long hair with lobster tail shape are unique and wonderful. The tail is a cascade that is made in a combination of twist and braids. This haircut is a side part and the weight of the hair is placed in the side where the braid and twist are made. The lobster tail is elegant as the cute look of braid makes a firm structure in the hair.

The first step of making this haircut styles for long hair is separating the side part hair. Then you can separate again the side part in to create a twist in the hair. After done, find holder or pin that can hold the shape of the braid. When all done, put the rest of the amount of hair in one of your shoulder and then separate it to create three hair for braiding.

The last step of making this haircut styles for long hair. In this time, you will twist the three hair separation to create a flowery look. For strong attachment, you should use an elastic band. Then after done, you will release some amount of the hair for adjusting the thickness of the hair. The last touch is spraying a hairspray to make it firmer and then place it in the front part so your beauty will be supported by your haircut style of long hair.

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