Hair Color 2019 Trends

Spring and summer 2019 exhibition reflects the desire to change direction, a clear understanding of the challenges and find new motivation for progress requirements. Gentle, pure and crisp and the colors in the yarn are displayed simultaneously.

The basis of the original design has been quite satisfactory exit pop, shift to more mercerization, or make bold innovations. Bright yarn or smooth, or rough a texture; color then become strong and solid dark, or a soft halo-color processing. Its main focus is to create new, interesting or unique products. This pure, clean or blank canvas of the trend in SPINEXPO show has become a hot, white is fully manifested in the concept of the four themes. The white concept also through various colors to create a further widening trend reflects the filling fresh and to wash into the soft white color, so the same trend can be interpreted as different unique effects.

Theme 1: White

Color: The soft and elegant color and light color brightening the middle of the main metal rich and elegant touch.

Concepts: yoga and dance has an important influence on this, while focusing on features associated with the overhanging sense and capacity. Exquisite high-end fabrics, fine texture, color enlivened. In sharp contrast with the soft elegance of a hard-edge abstract decoration, the whole look very contemporary and more tough, not too cutesy. In the comfort and convenience and to find a balance between elegant decoration, emitting a relaxing gloss.

Yarn: stiff, without rendering, elegant, soft, smooth, fine, sanding and washing processing sense, sophistication, luxury, high light and matte, smooth, extended degree is good, delicate texture.

Structure: The micro-texture and pleated processing, abstraction pick holes, large crochet, subtle gradient stripes, skip pin, style patterns, folding and folding folds, gathered effect, two-color fold decoration, vertical and hierarchical design , wrinkle appearance, blended texture, elegant open, transparent thin.

Theme 2: porcelain white

Color: refreshing blue from deep to shallow gradient, to be enhanced by the purple and dark yellow with dark red and make it more rich and full.

Concept: The story of their romantic and pass rough, uncompromising attention to process, wash and wear the old sense of slight. The fabric interpretation of the spirit of free and open road, the tie-dye craft accompanied by beautiful embroidery, stripes and squares flowers, printing and similar decorative denim. Set multi-level sense of combed texture, surface, and printing technology in one.

Yarn: tie-dyed and space dyed, washed denim texture, soft heather effect, silk, or glazed, paper handle, sanding and washing treatment, crisp cotton, the open-wool appearance of grain and woolen, linen mixed soft yarn, creating a sense of the old mill, grain filling, and more wrinkle or mercerized.

Structure: solid jacquard rib, Canton hair colored, double fabric, finishing techniques, such as printing and washing, hand Crochet, both fine and sturdy, hand-embroidered, mini-grid, exposed seams, rough edges, quilting, A Lun-style thread, fisherman style rib.

Theme 3: white neon

Color: white, navy and light gray color, combined with a fresh bright colors, neon touch with bold color combinations to create a unique.

Concept: The sense of vitality and movement oriented. Stripes, color blocks and stratified movement style, in the ripple, wave, and against the backdrop of a sense of movement, more modern. Drape and fold through new ways to create origami art effect, and be reflected in yarns and fabrics.

Technical function is to improve an important aspect of performance expected. The design of the sense of movement into the mainstream of everyday wear.

Yarn: Matt and tight, shiny and have a sense of movement, stiff plain, technical features, scalability, clean and mercerized cotton, fine viscose matte and high light, new technology finishes, slightly shiny touch or metal decorative sense, polishing and vertical folds, tight, very soft.

Structure: The mini retro movement texture, such as lattice, single bead, and thermal structure, fold fold, engineering rib, color blocks and stripes, a new diamond pattern and graphic applique, dot and grid pattern, 1 / 2 Milan style and double-knit, tight fabric, tube and corrugated pins.

Theme 4: Folk White

Color: rich and warm, deep saturated bright colors, sweet in the middle of the golden color and set off to do.

Concept: the integration of culture, advocating a new spirit of consciousness, patterns and stripes for the main form, bold avant-garde graphics, both fusion is just the opposite color combination. Multi-textured surfaces and fabrics, both relaxation and leisure, full of charm, through the yarn, shape and shiny gold can be manifested. Handmade decorative element to knit from yarn combination technology and play an important role in all aspects.

Yarn: sandy and does not play up strong pre-twist design, fabric structure, clip flowers and mixed yarn, its shiny gloss and matt rough surface in contrast yarn, natural elements, bamboo or fine texture, vegetable dyes, eco-yarns, such as organic spinning, including the injection chain, ribbon, can be thick to thin.

Structure: Reverse texture, the appearance of floating sense of weaving and bold applique, simple embroidery, multi-stripes, tuck, texture, stripes, hand-made appearance, hand weaving and coarse hooks, beads and fall decoration, carpet appearance , stitching and finishing exposed, vortex-like simple texture, loose open material, rough surface and washing effects.

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