Funky Hair Color Ideas

Funky hairstyles and funky hair color ideas have been very popular during recent years. One will often see musical performers and other people appearing with this style and color. It is something, about a person’s appearance, that grabs everyone’s attention.

The funky hairstyles that are most popular include such titles as Wild, Crew Cut, Faux Hawk, Spikey and others. Having this kind of a hairstyle and adding a funky shade definitely defines a person’s personality. Whether it is green, red, purple or another hue it certainly makes a statement.

Some people prefer having the hue appear in a stripe rather than cover the entire head. This is especially popular with the Faux Hawk, which is similar to the Mohawk cut. The temporary or permanent dye is placed on the strip that is immediately on top of the head. This is striking in appearance as it leaves the rest of the hair its natural shade.

As a rule these dyes will not appear in a regular beauty salon, however they are available at a beauty supply store and on the Internet. After obtaining the dye a choice must be made as to whether to go to a beauty salon specialist or try to do it oneself. This would, no doubt, depend a lot on whether it is a permanent or temporary dye.

If applying permanent dye it is important that the hair have a special bleach applied first. Otherwise, when combined with one’s natural shade, often the result will not be what one expects. People with shades that are light blond, white or gray, as a rule, do not need this bleaching process.

Bleaching is done by sections and requires certain timing, depending on the dye and type of hair. Information regarding this can be found on the Internet, if doing this at home. This special bleach is similar to the household kind in that it can also ruin other things that are contacted. Adequate protection, of oneself and the surroundings, is very important. During the process the bleach, as well as the dye, is put on in sections with the entire process being repeated every 30 days to the root section.

Temporary color is available in both gen and spray form. It is easily applied and does not require bleaching. This is an excellent funky hair color idea for special occasions, such as Halloween, or a special party where costumes are involved. It is also good for people who want to have the shade but do not want to cause damage with bleach.

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