Conair 238 1875 Watt Gel Grip Styler, Colors Vary

Best blowdryer i’ve ever had!. It works great and dropped about 10 minutes off my blowdrying time! I have long thick hair and this dryer is fantastic.

Its intake vent eats hair! It dries fast, but did I mention -IT EATS HAIR!. Its intake vent eats hair! It dries fast, but did I mention -IT EATS HAIR!

I just bought this for […]at the local Walgreens. I was originally going to pay 24 for an almost identical model with a diffuser and ceramics in the heating element, but upon seeing the gel grip for this one, I thought it would be better for my hands – which are disabled.

Theoretically, this is true. The gel grip does go a long way towards absorbing some of the vibrations of the machine; however, my hands are larger than the gel grip, so my little finger and index finger are still getting vibrated to hell.

It does dry hair incredibly fast, which means you have to get your style in place incredibly fast. My hair is waist length and it took less than 5 minutes. It also straightened my naturally not straight hair unintentionally, as I wasn’t prepared for it to dry so fast.

But before any of this came up, let me tell you what came off -MY HAIR!

After testing the electricity cut off switch on the base of the plug, I tried using the dryer for the first time. Remember, I have very long hair, so this is not an issue for people with boycuts; but my longhaired sisters take note:

While I was blow drying one section of my hair, the ends of the other section went up the air intake vent in the back of the dryer! I panicked and unplugged immediately-trying to remove the strands caught in it. I managed to pull three out intact, with another 10 or so completely broken off! By gently pulling some more, I was able to get those remaining strands out, along with some more tangled in with the original 10 hanging out- that I could see. It’s possible there still some hair in there that I just can’t. The back end is screwed on with a half inch recessed mini Philips screw and not serviceable by the user without breaking the warranty as far as I can tell from reading the manual. It also has a clear view of the fan if you hold it up to the light and look through it, meaning there’s no filter in the back beyond the mesh metal grid. I’ll be calling the company at 18003conair as soon as business hours open, to see if they have any suggestions to make this usable, but in all likelihood, it’s going back to the store.

One other note: the Ionic feature’s supposed to make hair more smooth, but I noticed the opposite effect on my ends. To be fair though, this may have been because of the earlier incident with the intake vent eating the hair, possibly roughing up the ends in the process as it broke them off.

Features :

  • promotes shiny, healthy looking hair and has a soft surface for a comfy grip;
  • has 1875 watts of power;
  • two heat/speed setting;
  • cool shot button.
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