Choosing Best Red Hair Dye

Chemical or Natural

One of the first things to do determine is, if you want to use an all natural product or not. Natural products do not contain the harsh chemicals and additives that non-natural products have. Maybe you have some kind of allergies or sensitivities, this can be a very important decision.

When you are searching for natural products, henna can be an excellent choice. Henna is a dying agent that comes from plant sources. Production and use of henna goes back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. You will not find any artificial coloring or harsh chemicals in a natural henna product. However, there are not a lot of different color selections with henna. This kind of agent turns things red with a slightly orange tint or highlight. Some women like this color, but it is not for everyone.

If you decide to use a product with chemicals, there will be some drawbacks. Before you begin, makes sure to open windows, and have the house or apartment well ventilated. Sometimes the odors and fumes from these products can be overwhelming. Also, everyone is different, and you may not get the exact color that you desire. Make sure to test a small area first, before you do your entire head. Also, pay attention to the directions that come with the packaging.

Checking Customer Reviews

If you have limited experience with coloring products, make sure to check into customer reviews. It is simple to find good customer reviews and testimonials on the Internet. Any good search engine will provide a great deal of information to consider. Also, you may find reviews at some sites that sell the products.

Asking people you know can be a good source of information. Perhaps one of your friends has the color that you are interested in. It may be a simple matter of asking them what they use. Ask as many people as possible, and do not forget classmates or coworkers.


If you are in the market for the best red hair dye, check into natural products like henna, first. You will not have any problems associated with harsh chemicals. Always test coloring products before using them with a small amount of hair. Do not forget to look into online reviews and consider asking people that you know.

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